Saturday, October 3, 2009

Succoth and Gilad Shalit

Succoth (The festival of Tabernacles) and Gilad Shalit is there a connection? I believe there is.

Shalit is an Israeli soldier abducted by the Hamas over 3 and a half years ago. His release has been the subject of prolonged negotiations. Too prolonged. Our previous Prime Minister (a complete failure if ever there was one) didn't have any idea how to conduct business. What he should have done was to demand proof of life before agreeing to negotiate. That is how hostage negotiations are conducted.  If it were up to me we would have released terrorists from our jails, in pieces, until such proof was provided. Barbaric? Yes, that's how one speaks to barbarians in the language they can understand. They don't understand gestures of goodwill, the concept is beyond them. Be that as it may, we have finally received proof of life in the form of a video clip. The connection to Succoth is this:  One of the symbolic aspects of the holiday is to remember and recreate the temporary dwellings of the Children of Israel as they wandered in the desert after being freed from the bondage in Egypt. This collective memory is to be cultivated and taught throughout the generations. It is fitting that the video confirming that Gilad Shalit is indeed alive, was released on the eve of the holiday.

Here is the Succah I built this year:

My parents recently returned from a vacation in Italy.  My mother describes the following surprising scene:  After climbing an endless flight of stairs in Rome, she was rewarded with the sight of a wonderful statue.  She then snapped the photo of said statue:

Then she noticed in the background a familiar image:

The text reads: "Rome wants its citizen Gilad Shalit freed."  
Apparently, Rome granted Shalit citizenship in July of this year.  I'm sure the liberal Italian "intelligentsia" are nauseated. Good. I say:
Viva Roma, Viva l'Italia!

And may God grant Rome's citizen freedom, and soon.


Anonymous said...

Just one minor correction: It was on July 2 2009 that Rome gave an honorary citizenship to Gilad Shalit.

annie said...

Beautiful article, beautiful succah, and what a lovely surprise for your mother (and for us). Let's hope Gilad is released very speedily indeed. Chag sameach!

Chrysalis said...

Beautiful Succah. It looks like it would feel cozy and protective.

Very sad about what goes on in the world. That family must be beside themselves.

Unknown said...

Anonymous: Thanks for the heads up.

cap said...

every day i get a newsletter by the israeli embassy. evrey day i have to read how many days galid is in prison now. this is awesome! hope he'll be released/rescued soon.

cap said...

sry! i wanted to write Gilad not galid.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

That was very cool!

(Belated Chag Sameach)

Choref Na'im!

Unknown said...

very nice post, could not agree more about the story with Shalit and our "Rosh Memshala"...should be called Rosh Mapalah... all the best Yossi Mizrachi

Lioness said...

May God grant all of the world's citicens freedom. *sigh*

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