Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Presenting: The Laryngospasms

If you liked this song you should also enjoy The Laryngospasms:

Waking up is hard to do:



Hat tip: SeaSpray


SeaSpray said...

Hi Quietus -I'm glad you like them. I listened to these over and over the other night.

I just put Mr Gasman up, listened and was going off to bed to get some much needed sleep and then thought I'd tell you about them.

Ha! Now I will go back and listen one more time and then I hope I sleep 10 hours! :)

cap said...

nice videos. i think 'breathe' is my favorite one.
do you know this song?

rickismom said...

What a scream!

Lioness said...

Oh God they're brilliant!

[Verif word: waflator - tube used to inflate waffles' lungs when they stop breathing.]

Unknown said...

waffles breath?

Lioness said...

They do after you've used the waflator.

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