Sunday, August 21, 2011


I've let this blog languish for a few months. Not for lack of anything to write, rather my sloth is due to sheer fatigue. I'm working as hard as ever so there is no lack of subjects: The doctors' strike, the nationwide protests for social justice (whatever THAT means), interesting cases, etc... But it is the latest round of terror that has stirred me from my semi-self-imposed slumber. That, and the fact that I'm on vacation and have had a chance to recharge my batteries.
Last week we invited a friend to join us at the pool at our local sports center. When we called to confirm her visit, she was in tears. Her son was on the bus that had been attacked by terrorists along the Egyptian border. He suffered only scratches, but he called his mother to tell her they were under attack...and that he loves her. After hearing that he had only minor injuries, she told him to keep his head down and help the wounded. Only after, when my wife called her did she break down in tears. One of the heroes that day was the driver, who kept his head and raced towards safety.
Since then, all hell has broken loose here in the South. Air raid sirens, missle attacks, dead and wounded. I called the hospital and offered to come in to help, but they said that everything was under control. Yesterday, coming back home from my mother-in-law, my wife, two sons and a nephew were caught in an attack. The sirens wailed. My wife stopped the car and they all got out and hit the ground waiting for the missle strike. They waited an eternity for the explosion, and my wife recited the "Shema" about 10 times. When it finally hit, it was at the other end of the city. Shaken, they continued home unharmed.
When I look at the various news sites, I am struck by the fact that most of the conflict and misery in the world occurs where arabs and muslims are involved. Such a barbaric, infantile, and backward people. When will they grow up?

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