Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Cherry Festival

David and family invited the Sandpeople to his neck of the desert to partake of the Cherry Festival. Those still interested can still go this Friday and next and pick cherries. This festival puts me to shame since I will never rise above the calumny of the infamous (and pathetic) Great Potato Festival Fiasco.

Here for your viewing pleasure are pictures of the pickers:

Me (selfportrait).

One of my pickers.

David caught in the act.

David's main picker.

Mini picker.

The pickees.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lord Stanley

The possession of Lord Stanley's Cup will be decided in a 7th game.

Little known fact about me: One of my favorite sports is ice hockey. I grew up in the Philadelphia area during the magical era of the Broad Street Bullies in the mid '70's. Hence my love of that exciting sport.

Some might remember the bumper stickers that read:
"Only the Lord saves more than Bernie Parent."
Referring, of course, to that fabled goalie's almost divine ability to deny entrance of supersonic pucks into his goal.

Though the mind may be boggled, there actually is an Israel Ice Hockey Federation.
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