Friday, September 25, 2009

Yaffa's Salad

Yaffa means "beautiful".  She is an OR nurse. She also makes "the greatest salad in the world" (tm).  She makes enough salad to feed the entire delivery room staff. It is worth being on-call on Sabbath eve just to taste a sample.  The salad is deceptively simple. Just a raw vegetable salad. I could list the ingredients, but it would do you no good. The main ingredient cannot be bought in any market, nor found in any garden.  For Yaffa's salad is imbued with love. I have just partaken of this gastronomic romance.  

If you could see our faces right now, you would see people who have attained Nirvana.

Now I'm ready for anything.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Shana Tova! :-)

SeaSpray said...

Oh Quietus... I'd be in Nirvana if someone wrote that about my cooking!

What a beautiful thing to say.

Oh.. and if I knew it... I'd be cooking even more for everyone. It's fun to feed people. :)

I am curious to know about her salad though.

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