Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Veritable Madhouse

This link is to a story on the online edition of Yediot Aharonot, a hebrew daily. There is no english version so I will provide a brief synopsis.

The article describes an altercation between the Chief of Anesthesiology and the Deputy Director (who is by profession, a psychiatrist, sexologist and stand-up comedian. His routine is concerned of course with sexology) of the hospital where I was previously employed.

During a meeting between the two, an argument ensued. Voices were raised and the venerable Professor of Anesthesiology cursed the honorable Deputy Director. The choice of words left no doubt as to the Professor's opinion of the latter's mother's chosen profession as being, ahem, less than honorable.

The honorable Deputy Director then proceeded to suffer chest pain thus necessitating admission to the Cardiac ICU.

End of article.

What isn't mentioned is the cause of the argument. Apparently, it was over promises made and not kept to increase the number of positions available for specialists in anesthesia.  I personally know of one case of an excellent (ahem) anesthesiologist who left to work in another hospital, who might have stayed if a position were available.

The article clearly assigns blame to one of the gentlemen. I offer perhaps a somewhat more objective opinion.  I am acquainted with both gentlemen. The Sexologist was one year ahead of me in med school, and the Professor was my former boss. Both are former colleagues with whom I worked for several years. Both may be described as very colorful characters who hold strong opinions and are quite adept in expressing themselves in a verbal arena.

The Sexologist is tall and, well, to put it delicately, portly and there is no evidence that he should be accused of partaking in any organized sport whatsoever (to my knowledge, being fruitful and multiplying, his field of specialty, is not an organized sport) . The Professor is vertically challenged, slim and a competitive swimmer. To say that the Professor is a man of tact would be deceitful. To say that the Sexologist is a delicate soul prone to mortal injury when exposed to epithets of generous decibels would be hallucinatory. I do not believe that there is a hero and a villain in this. It was a clash of titans of sorts and one emerged injured, or was he? If the story is to be taken at face value, then there is sympathy to be gained and injury to be redressed. I will let the reader decide if the chest pain was the result of bad habits, mental stress or a combination of the two.  I was not present at the incident and make no pretense to know all that transpired.

I know one thing. The hospital is going down the tubes. Patients and staff alike will suffer.

Thank God I escaped the Madhouse in time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Lookie, a heavy metal song!
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