Friday, January 9, 2009

NOW I'm Mad!

That does it. Now I'm really mad. Those Hamas cockroaches have gone too far! The sirens woke us up twice in the middle of the night, interrupting my well earned slumber. If I ever get my hands on one of the despicable pustules on the derriere of humanity I WILL anesthetize him for all eternity (if not longer). 

The kids and my mother (thanks Mom!) were sleeping in the shelter so it was just me and the Mrs. who had to wearily stumble in. So many of us are availing ourselves of our parents to help with the kids that this war should be renamed in their honor. My suggestion: "Operation Granny".

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Routine of War

I wake up early to get the work in Tel Aviv. At the end of the day, I ride the train back south. Feed the kids, bathe them and read bedtime stories in the bomb shelter. Turn on the radio as a back up in case the sirens fail. All in all, the kids are handling this well although the middle son (the sensitive one) seems to be more irritable and probably needs some one on one time.
I'm working late again and I'll have to stay in Tel Aviv. The family is down south in what amounts to a war zone. Luckily our village hasn't been hit by rockets. The kids even went to school for two days, but now there's no school for the foreseeable future. Several of my colleagues have offered to host us, but I've declined for the time being. In the meantime my mother has come down to help out.
Watching the news on TV is frustrating because one part of me wants to be back in Soroka Hospital to help treat the wounded. But another part knows that if Soroka is overwhelmed then wounded will be transfered to hospitals here in Tel Aviv. I'll be where ever I'm needed.
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