Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Terrible Miracle

I was planning to post more about the doctor's strike because the media is repeating Treasury's propaganda about money hungry doctors. The best laid plans of mice and men...
The Hamas terrorism by missles has escalated. This is actually not true. There are always missles and mortars and katyushas, but this time the results were tragic. But that's not true either. The ongoing terror of Southern Israel by the barbaric arabs of Gaza is ever present. Whether there are casualties or not is irrelevent. The disruption of life is enough. This the world doesn't want to understand in it's quest to champion the cause de jour. We left Gaza, it was painful and traumatic for us. Despite Arab probaganda there is no shortage there of food, fuel or any commodity. What more do they want? It's obvious, they want us dead. To justify their barbarism the Arabs continue to perpetuate the lies that we are oppressing them, when it's the exact opposite. They oppress and terrorize us, and have been doing so for a 100 years.
I was supervising anesthesiologist in the OR two days ago. The alert came: send an anesthesiologist to the trauma room. There was a missle attack on a school bus, one critically injured child is being evacuated by helicopter. "Only one?" I thought to myself. Either there was a terrible tragedy and only one survived or there was a terrible miracle and only one was injured. As it turned out, the bus was empty except for that one boy and the driver. Minutes before, 50 children had alighted the bus. A disaster was narrowly averted. Later, the Hamas took credit for the attack that was perpetrated with an anti-tank missle. This means that the clearly marked bus was deliberately targeted. The bastards.
The neurosurgeon brought the boy, a teenager to the OR. The expression on his face told me all I needed to know. Critical head injury requiring a craniectomty to relieve the elevated intracranial pressure. We did all medicine can do. Now it's up to God.
When we transferred the boy to the PICU (Peds ICU), the parents were in the waiting room. The father stoicly quiet, and the mother crying silently.

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