Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Iron Dome Game

Update: over 50 missiles have been fired into Israel since Saturday morning according to the Jerusalem Post. There should be no mistake, this is causus belli. Now the Hamas political wing is distancing itself from the military wing. We're not fooled. They are murdering savages as they always have been.
The boys in the neighborhood have invented a new game called "Iron Dome" (The antimissle system that has successfully intercepted and destroyed several of the missiles. The system intercepts only those that endanger major population centers): One kid throws a ball into the air, and another tries to knock it down with a frisbee.
Children remain children, even during war.

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sparrow said...

Hi, firstly I'm new to your blog (via Treppenwitz) and it is great to "meet" you. I have a question. If the Iron dome is so effective, why wasn't it deployed before and during Operation Cast Lead? Or was it not invented then. Stay safe. How is the young chap who was injured in the bus doing?

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