Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Love Changes

I recently came across the following poem.  The (poor) translation is mine:

אהבה משתנה

אהבה משתנה מיום ליום
הולכת, על גב הזמן דוהרת
מהים לאוויר עד להבת הנפש
כל מקום בעולם מאירה

אהבה משתנה מצבע לצבע
עד רדת החשכה, כל אהבה
תמיד מתגלה, בשלב בחיים
עוזבת, אבל תמיד נשארת
בתוך לבך

אהבה משתנה כל דקה ודקה
בתוך לבך החם והאוהב
כאשר נפגשים, בתוך הלב
נהיה נעים

Love Changes

Love changes from day to day
Walking, upon time it races,
From the sea to the air 'til the soul's flame
Illuminates the whole world.

Love changes from hue to hue
'Til dusk, all love
Is always discovered, at some time in life
Leaving, but always staying
Within your heart.

Love changes every minute
Within your warm and loving heart,
When we meet, within the heart
It will be nice.

This poem was written by my daughter who is all of 10 years old. I am very, very proud of her.  I ask myself, "When did she become so wise?"

I am also frightened, very, very frightened.


rlbates said...

Lovely poem!

treppenwitz said...

That needs to be sumbitted to a publication of some sort. Beautiful!

zahava said...

Figures my hubby beat me to the punch! That is MOST definitely publishable!

Please give that sweet, wise and sensitive girl of yours a big squeeze of loving admiration from all the von treppenwitzes! You are well within your rights to be extremely proud, and wise to be frightened! :-)

SeaSpray said...

Oh Sandman! What a magnificent poem and from one so young!

Proud indeed.

She must be a most compassionate, intelligent, insightful and loving little girl.

Thank you for sharing her poem. :)

Happy Hanukkah!

Ari said...


Lioness said...

Blimey! The child is a genius - be afraid, yes, but mostly grateful? She is certainly special.

rutimizrachi said...

Wow. She is timelessly beautiful; and her writing takes my breath away.

Be afraid -- on her behalf, which will cause you to teach her to be careful -- but never of her. That is a mistake too many fathers of beautiful daughters make, thus driving them away.

I give you a bracha that you and your dear bride will be wise enough to parent her with unmitigated success, leading to the sweetness of watching her become fully herself.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the blessing Ruti

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