Monday, November 23, 2009

Some of the News That's Fit to Print

So here are some updates to a couple of previous characters in the ongoing story of me: 
I went to visit the woman who survived a monster asthma attack. She was transferred to the high risk pregnancy unit from the ICU. We had something of an odd conversation. She, her gratitude evident by her beaming  smile, me, just trying to avoid inflating the whole story into an epic by engaging in small talk. I was somewhat embarrassed by the accolades I've been receiving lately subsequent to the event.
The OB/GYN's wanted her to remain hospitalized in the high risk unit until she gives birth. But the woman decided she wanted to be at home.  She is receiving preventive therapy, and feels well.  I voiced my concern that if she goes home to her village in the north, she is still 20 minutes away from the nearest hospital, even when there is no traffic. However, she was adamant not to remain hospitalized.  I wished her well and she thanked me again.
You might remember The Teacher's Pet from the incident and angel. The Pet has been removed from the premises. My unfortunate experience with her was just the beginning of a series of problems other doctors from the department experienced with her.  The most serious of the incidents is as follows: Allegedly (and I stress allegedly, because I am informed by word of mouth) a patient who she anesthetized suffered a serious complication.  This could happen to anyone.  The problem is that she allegedly manipulated the anesthesia record to shift the blame to a young resident.  This is immoral to say the least, and stained her character and reputation. She was given the choice of either being fired or leaving of her own volition. She chose the latter.  This is quite a blow to her career.  She was mainly hired to perform research, and now she will be working in a non-academic institution. So, basically, her career has been flushed down the tubes.  I wouldn't wish such an outcome on anyone, but she brought it on her self and has no one but herself to blame.
The Pet is no longer in the building.
I feel vindicated.

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