Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Franz Liszt

Last week's pneumonia has now affected 4/5ths of the family. I've recovered, but now my wife has it and both the boys have fever. Apparently we were all infected by the canaries with chlamydia psittacci. Needless to say, the foul fowls have been evicted. Person to person infection is extremely rare so, Trep, you are safe (you ol' germaphobe you!).

As a result I'm not at work. The upside of all this is the "quality" time I'm spending with our youngest child. We are watching lot's of DVD's together. And his (and my) favorites are the Bugs Bunny shorts.

My favorites are the musical cartoons and my all time favorite is "Rhapsody Rabbit" based on Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. The funniest bit is when the phone rings inside the piano and Bugs answers, "Franz Liszt? Never hoid of 'im." I have several versions of the Hungarian Rhapsodies but this was the first one I ever heard and it still makes me laugh. So here it is:

Here are some other versions:

And for the purists:


treppenwitz said...

um, did I misunderstand, or did you get an STD from a bird? :-)

Unknown said...

Oh you are a barrel of laughs. I got it from a bird, but it's not an STD.

treppenwitz said...

Hey... I see the word 'chlamydia' and I think the worst. Excuse me for not going to medical school! :-)

Maybe you'll enlighten us common folk as to what the connection is (if any).

Unknown said...

There are several strains of chlamydia. The most well known to the general public is the strain that causes an STD.
Chlamydia Psittacci (Psittacci is derived from psittakos which is Greek for parrot) is a bacteria which is unique to birds but can infect humans by the dust of their feces (yes, it's disgusting to contemplate). I cannot stress enough the fact that NO sexual relations with the fowl are involved!

Unknown said...

The strain that causes STD's is Chlamydia Trachomatis. For more information on C. Psittacci follow the link provided in the post. (Darn it!)

treppenwitz said...

sheesh, touchy! Suggest just one time that a guy got frisky with a bird and he gets all aggressive on you! :-)

Thanks for the education.

Lioness said...

Wow, another zoonosis! Glad you're all healing but - what did you do with the birdies?? You know I had to ask, it is treatable in them as well (long-acting weekly doxy injections for 45 days + Ca supplements)

(All the cool people are calling it Chlamydophila psittaci nowadays, btw.)

Unknown said...

Lioness - I stand corrected. Chlamydophila psittaci it is.

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