Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm on call here in Tel Aviv in the delivery room. And my family is down south, where war is being waged against the evil that is Hamas. Thankfully, my village is out of range of the rockets. What I feel is mostly frustration, and also outrage.
Frustration. That I'm not with my family.
Frustration. That the world still doesn't see our enemies for what they are: Bloodthirsty barbarians who sanctify death.
Outrage. The world criticizes us for defending our country against the constant barrage of rockets and mortars that have been directed towards Southern Israel for the last 8 (!) years. And FYI, the rockets were fired usually around 8 AM and 4 PM, the time when children go to school and come home.
Frustration. Because the Arabs are too infantile and primitive to accept peace.
Outrage. At the thinly veiled anti-semitism of the world community. Their criticism is directed to the wrong party. It's Hamas who should be condemned.
Yes, yes, I'm not politically correct. Screw PC. The European left, the Israeli left and the hypocritical Arab "intelligenstia" are simply wrong. And immoral.
No Israeli Jew has ever rejoiced at the death of an enemy or at the death of civilians. No Jew has ever murdered a mother and her daughters in the own beds. No Jew has ever smashed the head of a 4 year old child against a rock. No Jew has ever knowingly or purposefully sought out women and children for massacre. (Sabra and Shatila you say? That was payback by Lebanese Christians for years of atrocities commited against them by Muslims. And the bitter irony is that the Jews were blamed.) This is the Arab way and I despise them for it.
There may be moderates in the Arab world but their voice is not heard. And that is too bad.


SuperRaizy said...

Your frustration and your anger are totally justified.

rickismom said...

I also decided today to be unpolitically correct....
another point--- they say they have no food and jobs? So why after Israel gave up Gush Katif did they not make peace? No, instead they voted for Hamas. Maybe they will learn that THIS is what Hamas gives them...

The rest of the world makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

We live in a messed up world, no doubt about it. The only cycle of violence here is the one in which parents condone or actively teach hate. It becomes a way of life . . . easier and more familiar than taking responsibility for their own actions and their own lives. Infantile. And disgusting.

Baila said...

I feel as frustrated and outraged as you do. I've been shouting at the television all day long.

Let's hope we finish the job this time.

And I hope that by now you are with your family and all is well.

Unknown said...

Thanks Baila.
I'm at home at the moment and all is well but I'm on call tomorrow and Thursday. I'll probably ask someone to cover me so I can be here where I'm really needed.

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