Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The sirens wailed and we gathered up the children and went into the bomb shelter. The kids are a bit scared but in good spirits. We called my in laws in the city, they heard two explosions. No casualties thank God. Looks like we'll spend the night in the shelter.


The nursery school in Be'er Sheva that was hit by a missile was the one my eldest daughter attended. It is very close to the apartment we lived in. My in-laws still live in the same neighborhood. Thank God it was at night when the school was empty.


Baila said...

When I hear Beer Sheva, I think of you guys. I hope you are all bearing up okay. If this is prolonged, do you have options of moving out of missile range?

Unknown said...

We can move the kids to my parents in Givatayim. However my wife who works for the Ministry for Environmental Protection is required to stay in the south.
I know what you're thinking. Thanks.

Baila said...

I was thinking that, but the in-laws who live in Ashquelon (actually are moving there next week!) will probably be spending some time here. Of course, we'd have you in a second if you needed it. Does your wife have to protect the environment even if rockets are falling?

In the meantime I heard we're supposed to be getting our mamads ready. The truth is if they can get to Beer Sheva, they can get anywhere. I'm only a little freaking out.

Stay safe.

Unknown said...

It's not so much the environment, but the hazmats (hazerdous materials) that might endanger humans, plants and other living things if certain facilities are hit.

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