Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pithy Restroom Proverbs

So the computer was only comatoast. Instead, my car's transmission broke. Had the car towed and went to a (delayed) meeting with the Deputy Director of Soroka Medical Center. Everything went well and a formal contract will be drawn up. Apparently, word of my return has spread like wildfire.  And much to my chagrin, it is seen as a "victory" over Tel Aviv Medical Center which has drawn quite a few talented doctors from Soroka. To be brutally honest, the brain drain was the result of failed policy decisions made not at the level of the hospital, but at the level of the central management of the HMO. My return  resulted from a policy change when the main office realized that doctors need to be paid an appropriate salary. Had they not approached me, I would have never entertained leaving TAMC. After the meeting, I looked up old colleagues. Strolling the hospital grounds, I ran into many familiar faces. All seemed genuinely glad to hear that I will return.

Since I was on the loose in Be'er Sheva, I called up Treppenwitz and asked him if he was hungry. Over lunch he related a very moving story. Good conversation and the bestest shawarma in the South, a combo that can't be beat.

Later, I picked up the kids, then went to pick up Mrs. Sandman from work and we had a family evening. We went to a "concept" restaurant called "The Library". As expected, the walls were lined with bookshelves bulging with books. The food was mediocre. But it was a raging  success (especially with the youngest sandmite) due to the restroom which was equipped with automatic taps for hand washing an an automatic hand dryer. Unsurprisingly, said sandmite dragged me the the restroom no less than 5! times to use the toilet and wash his hands. Above the row of sinks was one of those huge LED signs that had running proverbs and jokes.  The proverb which really caught my eye was:

"When one argues with an idiot, assume that one's adversary is probably doing the same." 


Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about the car but happy about all the rest and waiting for detailes.
We were also car-less this week and during the big rain storm no less. We are back to normal and waiting for more details about the contract.

The Givataiim branch

treppenwitz said...

If you'd told me about your transmission I might have sprung for lunch! :-)

Unknown said...

Branch Givatayim - call ya tonight.
David - Yeah, that would have juuuuust about covered it. ;-P

bernie said...

Off-topic - Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

Right back atcha, bro.

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