Monday, June 14, 2010

We Con the World

Since YouTube in a spineless, despicable, jihadi-placating move has banned this satirical video, I too embed it on my site.  Hey YouTube! There's a nice spot on my derrière for you to kiss!


Safranit (Safra-knit) said...

I'm only defending YouTube because I work for an organization that has rights to remove things from the site.

They give you a link and you can flag documents that are your copyright. It is more likely that it was removed by the music company than it was by YouTube itself.

But I do love the video, and it is in plenty of other places.

Unknown said...

Safranit - I refer you to Caroline Glick's site where she explains that there were no infringements of the copyright

Safranit said...


I know, I read that, but YouTube leaves it in the hand of the "theoretical copyright holder" they do this so that the IP rights are not their issue. I could be wrong, but my guess is that YouTube themeselves didn't remove it, but they either were asked to by the record company, or the recordcompany had an account that allowed them to remove it.

Unknown said...

YouTube definitely does not leave it in the hand of the copyright holder. It caved in to Jihadi pressure. Why didn't it ban the following video which is a parody of the same song?

Sorry Saf, your argument doesn't hold water.

SeaSpray said...

Getting all the facts THERE'S a NOVEL concept!

I am so tired of the spin and denial of the facts in this country.

Personally ..I cannot wait until our current administration is voted out. I pray to G-d that none of them is re-elected. And I pray people up to the jobs and who know what they are doing will get in. I have never seriously been afraid for America until now. I may not agree with some presidents ..but I don't remember them being so inept and liberal ..far left liberal.

We need BOTH wings for the the Eagle to fly ..but it seems one is greatly overpowering the other and we are going down to far for comfort.

That being said ..I know that G-d doesn't make mistakes. he does allow free will ..but he also appoints leaders. he can change the course of a river and the mind of a king. I trust that even tho we don't always understand ..he sees the whole picture and things are allowed for a greater purpose.

I so very much admire the no nonsense strength of your country. It is survival and you can never let your guard down.

We should not be either and I am concerned that we now appear so weak around the world ..which is an invitation to attack of some sort. And there are so many ways they could do it.

It is so weird in America to me now compared to how I grew up. It seems like what was good is bad and what was bad is good. That has been evolving for a while. There are still so many good things ..but people are waking up and I hope they continue to do so.

Well ..I am sorry to go on about my frustrations.

But *FACTS* ..if people just looked at the facts ..I think we would not stand for a lot of what goes on.

cap said...

i had the same prob. i embedded the vid into my blog and days later it was vanished. but i quickly found another uploader of the vid on youtube.

i don't know if it`s a copyright prob or a pressure-from-users-prob. but i know that we are flagging rightwingextremists-vids (brutally, racist or provoking violence) for a long time and none of the flagged vids was banned.

by the way: your new blogstyle is very nice. i liked the old one but black&green i like definitively more.


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