Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Change of Plans

The follow-up x-ray showed that the bones were no longer aligned.  How do you keep a 7 year old from playing for 2 months?  Our middle child underwent surgery last night to internally fixate the radius and ulna.  He sailed through the surgery and anesthesia like a champ. (Thank God and the wonderful staff at TAMC)
He woke up and said, "I have stridor."  Only a doctor's son would wake up and make his own diagnosis.
Since the ward was packed to the gills they allowed only one of us to stay with him through the night. So, we asked him who he wants to stay with him.  He chose Grandma (my mom, Hi Mom! thanks).  I was sure he would choose his mother and my wife was sure he would choose me.  We asked why grandma and he replied, "Because I haven't seen her in a long time." Bless him.
We performed a change of the guard this morning.  Grandma is none the worse for wear.  Wife just called.  They played cards, there is a classroom on the ward and he's been playing games and the organ.  She's worried that he's not complaining of any discomfort. Such a worry wort. 
Silly me, I thought no pain was a good thing.


Chrysalis said...

Best wishes to your son. I'll say a prayer for a quick recovery, and excellent healing.

rutimizrachi said...

Refua shelaima, and keep sheppin' that nachas. He sounds like one sababa kid. Ask him to give me a bracha for a grandkid who wants to play cards with me while either one of us is in recovery. ;-)

Lioness said...

In the old days here children were given "Tired Horse Soup" - a bit of alcohol goes a long way, yes?

I'm sorry to hear about your son's need for surgery, glad to hear he's alright (misalignement notwithstanding), and delighted with the stridor bit! Kid is special.

Refuah shleimah

Lioness said...

Ok, after reading a bit more - no surgey needed, excellent! Now I see the absolute need to keep a 7 yo subdued, and have sadly nothing to offer.

Lioness said...

Honestly, shoot me now, OF COURSE surgery was needed, that's why he woke up saying he has stridor. I need IV caffeine, obviously. Sorry, the nights have been hard, feel free to only post the first comment.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your support guys.
Lioness - your comments are priceless. Believe me that I completely understand your need for IV caffeine.

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