Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jezrael Valley

Weekend pictures from the Jezrael Valley (actually the eastern portion plus the Gilboa mountain range) and the ruins at Bet Shean.

Kibbutz Nir David

Persian Cyclamen

Crown Anemone

Mount Gilboa

The Ruins at Bet Shean

The Bath House Floor

Pioneer Soup


rutimizrachi said...

These shots are gorgeous! They have caused the Jezrael and Bet Shean to be added to the Major's and my "must see" travel list. And that photo of the girl stirring the soup -- Vermeer would look twice to see if he ever painted her!

Anonymous said...

The beauty of the area is overwhelming and the picture of the little pioneer girl is a work of art (well, I am not exactly objective)

Unknown said...

That work of art is my daughter the poet.

rickismom said...

Nice pictures!

SeaSpray said...

Beautiful Pictures!!!

I wish I could see all those things in person. :)

Your daughter is cute! :)

bernie said...

Beautiful photos, I used one in my article Palestinian and Israeli Gardens, with full attribution, of course.

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