Monday, September 22, 2008

Reserve me a room at the Loony-Bin Hilton

I am currently dealing with 3, yup, count 'em, THREE bureaucracies:
1. My current employer.
2. My future employer.
3. The scientific council of the Israel Medical Association.
The first is to terminate my employment. The second is to start working in a new hospital. And the third is to obtain my consultants licence. The paperwork is daunting. I have single handedly deforested half of the Amazon basin.
And I'm looking for a car. Have I mentioned that used car salesmen make my skin crawl with their clammy slimeyness?
If you hear about me being commited to an asylum, you'll understand why.


rickismom said...

What? Only three? LOL [ Try getting mandated services for a special -needs child in inclusion. I finally gave up and went private. Better for my sanity (and worse for my husband's)]

Hope it works out fast

rutimizrachi said...

It's nice to know that some things transcend culture and geography. Used car salesmen are slimy in Israel, too?


Jack Steiner said...

Piece of cake. ;)

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