Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Just a bit of news.
In the previous post, I described the odd case of a John Doe who was severely beaten. He recovered quickly and was transferred to the surgical ward. This morning while talking to a social worker, he lost consciousness. The code team was called and rescusitation performed. He didn't make it.
The next bit of news has been percolating for sometime: I'm leaving Soroka. After 19 years (including med school, internship and residency). I was offered much better terms in a hospital in Tel Aviv. For various reasons, I won't be uprooting the family. So I will be commuting everyday by train. Despite the shortage of anesthesiologists, no one from management really made an effort to find out why I am leaving. On the other hand, once the rumor had spread, I received a wide range reactions, all positive. This is especially gratifying to hear from the surgeons, among whom, I believe, I managed to win respect. The reactions ranged from, what a shame, good luck, to actual rage (how could they let someone like you go? Immediately followed by an irate SMS to the deputy chief of the hospital) This, of course, is very good for my otherwise fragile ego. Hopefully it portends equal success in the next phase of my career.
Before I made the final decision, I consulted the former chief of the department, my mentor, to absorb some words of wisdom and put things in perspective. This morning I met with him again. He rhetorically asked me how one defines success. I attempted to reply, but he cut me short. He said that he has been wrestling with the question for some time and that the best answer that he could find is this:
One is successful if one has left the world in a better condition, even by a small measure, than when one came into the world.
I hope I have done this and will continue to do so.


Ubergeek said...

Good luck to you, and good luck to that commute. It's not one that I would like to make after several long hours in the OR, but if it's best for your family, then you do what you have to do.

Gila said...

And it was lovely meeting you yesterday. :)

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