Friday, November 23, 2007

Good for my ego...I think

Don't get you're hopes up, this will be a very short blog.
Recently I took part in the oral exam of med students at the end of their anesthesia rotation. One of the students is the son of on of the senior physicians in our hospital. This surgeon, who I've worked with for years, told me the following tale:
He asked his son how the exam went and who the examiners were. His son mentioned the names of the other two examiners who were with me, but didn't recall my name (for some reason). So his father asked him to describe me, and this was his answer:
Quiet, gentle(manly) and looks like Richard Gere.
I suggested that his son have his eyes checked. Being the homophobe that I am, I would prefer that the comparison had come from a female student. But on the other hand, I'll take what I can get.
And you can bet your eye teeth that I immediately called my wife to brag to her and tell her that she should count her blessings that she married such a good looking gentleman.
Yeah, right

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