Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I like air. Air is good.

I've been busier than I thought I'd be. After a well earned vacation, I came back to work, plus some freelancing in a private clinic, plus getting back into research.
And then reality hit. 
All the extra time that I imagined I'd gain without the long commute to Tel Aviv got sucked up by all the work. So I told that private clinic that we'd part friends; my children need me at home more than they need the money (which wasn't that good anyway).
But coming back has been harder than I expected. Any change one's place of employment is stressful.  But it's been more frustrating than when I left. The hospital is being managed into the ground. There are shortages of manpower in all sectors. The result, everyone, and I mean everyone does everyone else's job instead of only their own. The overwork makes everyone irritable.  There are people in the department who are not on speaking terms. Above all, there is a lack of mutual respect. I attribute this to a total management failure on all levels.
The level of most of the residents is appalling. There are some who should have never been accepted to the residency, they are absolutely impervious to teaching. Such a contrast with the residents in Tel Aviv, who were hungry for knowledge. I still have hopes (perhaps in vain) of revamping the teaching program, at least for the few that actually want to learn. But I believe that I'll have a hard sell to the chief of the department.
On the other hand, I still like this profession.  And it's close to home. So, some days I can even pick up the youngest sandmite from nursery school,which has made Mrs. Sandman very happy.
Stories will be posted shortly. I just found some air to breath. I like air. Air is good.


rlbates said...

Nice to hear from you!

rutimizrachi said...

Keep breathing the air, dear friend... and attending to those sandmites... and trying to improve the matzav. Remember you work for The Front Office. Ask for a favor or two. It seems The Big Guy likes to be reminded that we know we're not in this fight alone.

Regards to the Lioness.

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