Sunday, June 13, 2010


I've been interviewed at Ilana-Davita.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Good job on the interview. It's always interesting to learn more about a blogger's background to appreciate where they are coming from.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shoutout QL.

rutimizrachi said...

Yoni's letters were also instrumental in shaping my future, when I read them years ago. Clearly, you and I and the Lioness and the Great Bear have to have a beer.

SeaSpray said...

Great job Sandman! I left a comment over there too.

I have never heard of these letters, but they must be powerful to influence people so greatly.

I am curious to know your opinions on American culture.

I think it's awesome that you felt like you came home when you came to Israel to live.

You have a rich heritage in Israel. I'd love to see it someday. It must be so beautiful there. I am from NJ and I've heard your country is about the same size. I fully support Israel's existence and do not understand contrary opinions. Israel IS the original homeland for the Jews. We Americans are from all over ..but your heritage can be traced way back to that land. Maybe I am naive ..but I don't understand the dispute and why Iran, etc would push the Israeli nation out to see if it could. Except that it goes way back to Abrahan and Ishmael. I don't know if you would agree with the origin and is my interpretation of the scriptures. God calls Israel the apple of his eye. No doubt he watches over your country.

I respect your national wisdom and unwavering strength when it comes to defense. I pray that there would be peace in Israel and all the middle eastern countries.

I hope I wasn't offensive in any way and if I was ..don't post it or delete it if you wish.

You have gift with writing and I am glad you blog. :)

rutimizrachi said...

Wow. I wish I could know how many people in the US (and the world, for that matter) actually think and feel as does SeaSpray.

What a clear comment, filled with innocent acceptance of my people's right to exist and our right to our Homeland. There is even a hint in this note of the acceptance of leaving the Jewish people to serve G-d in our own way.

May you have many blessings, SeaSpray.

Chrysalis Angel said...

All of G_d's children, that understand G-d's plan, feel this way(even those who have been grafted on).

We know you are G_d's chosen. What a wonderful, wonderful thing!

Chrysalis Angel said...

Sandman, I too, ask that you feel free to delete my comment. I also mean no offense what so ever. I forget at times of some of the differences there are, and would never in a million years want to offend.

QuietusLeo said...

Spray and Angel: thank you for your comments. They are in no way offensive.

Spray: I owe you a longer response but I was on call yesterday and I'm pooped!

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Rutimizrachi. :)

I would think anyone that knew the history and facts would be supportive. I learned through my Christian faith. There is no question that Israel belongs to G-d's chosen people.

I hope this is not offensive and only as I understand the scriptures through teaching and what I've read ..but there are plenty of old Testament scriptures and Revelations ..a New Testament book that prophesy about Israel. You will *never* lose your country. G-d *is* with you. It is even prophesied that in the latter days before Yeshua's return that the Jews would be returning to their homeland. And that has been happening from every corner of the world. I could say more but in no way wish to be offensive.

But you are the apple of God's eye. You are loved and you are destined to have your own land ..right where you are. I don't recall where in the scriptures but it is something like .. G-d said he will bless friends of Israel and curse those who curse her. (not verbatim)

I just heard a Rabbi on the radio this morning talking with the show host about an article (DNA proves Jewish heritage)that just came out in the NYT:

SeaSpray said...

You are very welcome Sandman. I look forward to your opinions on the US. And I am curious to know why you never felt at home here.

Was it some inner calling ..that you didn't know what it was ..but when you read the book you realized what it was?

When you have time. :)

Anonymous said...

There are also some nice comments on my blog. I don't know if you have had the time to read them.

QuietusLeo said...

Yes I have. Again thanks for interviewing me.

Baila said...

I've been a bit out of commission, Q, so I've missed some of your posts. I like the new look of the blog and the interview was great. You have some really smart commenters. Must be doctors ;-).

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